UCS Junior Branch

In the heart of Hampstead village on the Holly Hill site, the Junior Branch educates boys aged 7–11. Pupils develop academic and personal disciplines, self-confidence, thoughtfulness, and public spirit.

The Senior School is a short walk away and pupils have the opportunity to access the impressive facilities there. Every pupil transfers to the Senior School at age 11 and the strong links within the Foundation ensures this is a seamless transition.

The aims of the UCS Junior Branch mirror the ethos of the whole Foundation; intellectual curiosity and independence of mind are developed, and self-discovery and self-expression are fostered. From the age of 7, boys follow a broad curriculum that includes English, Mathematics, Science, French, History, Geography, Art, Music, Drama, DT, PSHEE, Wellbeing, PE and Games.

The Junior Branch has a very vibrant programme of clubs and activities, which run both before school, at lunch times and after school. Club programmes change from term to term.

A distinctive education focused on the individual

Boys are allocated to one of four houses for purposes of sporting and other competitions, and to provide opportunities for social links vertically throughout the school. The Housemaster or Housemistress is also an important influence during a boy’s time at the Junior Branch. All members of the teaching staff share responsibility for the social, cultural and moral wellbeing of the boys in the school.

Boys have the opportunity to benefit from a range of leadership positions. Year 6 boys can opt to become Peer Mentors whose work is co-ordinated to help the younger boys. They can also become Prefects, if supported by enough teaching staff the Prefects have important duties to carry out and are ambassadors for the school. Each class elects a School Council rep, and the School Council enjoys a prestigious role in the strategic running of the school.

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